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»I’m neither man nor woman!«

there are more than two sexes

Many newborns cannot be clearly assigned to one sex. They are called ”intersexuals” and they most often have to undergo surgeries in their earliest days of childhood in order to make them ”fit”. Those surgical interventions not necessary are for most part and are justified instead in the best case with possible experiences of discrimination of the children concerned. All other people are also confronted with the constraint to be either masculine or feminine. All are categorized accordingly or categorize themselves and are acting accordingly. It is the goal of the project to challenge this process.

A project by:
a.g.gender-killer & Netzwerk Selbsthilfe e.V.

In cooperation with:
Gays & Lesbians aus der Türkei e.V., ABqueer e.V. and the Transgender Netzwerk Berlin

With kind financial support of ”dieGesellschafter.de”.